Feel Without.JPG



in 2016-2017 I got creating these motivational mantras to keep myself uplifted during stressful times.

I found peace in the handmade sketching process.

All drawings are then colourised digitally. 

top to bottom, left to right :
worthwhile / enjoy the silence / elsewhere / somewhat
thank your lucky stars / don’t despair / possible past / try again
hindsight / do the right thing / welcome home / anyone
get back to work / break free / rejoice / get away
risk it all / stay true / keep up the fight / take aim
foresight / overgrown / choose / word

top to bottom, left to right :
the silence is now the symphony / breathe it the fuck out / fuck art / everything is under control
okay ladies let us get in formation / i don’t need you to set me free / there is a limit to your love / feel without
be on the watch / day breaker / look within / know how
have faith / holy rising / take care / shot to the heart
what the fun / love will tear us apart again