Zsófia Vera Mezei


I am an artist and designer from budapest, Hungary currently residing in Strasbourg, France.

After eleven years in London predominantly spent gathering inspiration, I returned to France in 2016 to recollect — as Wordsworth says – “emotion in tranquillity”.

I am interested in visual expression as a form of catharsis.

I aim to honour the past selves I have been – an addict, a cutter, an anorexic – through art and typography / calligraphy in particular.

I find refuge in a world of colour as well as in the depths of a darkness now safe to traverse as I’ve gained distance from the despair and learned to neighbour it.

I strongly believe in exploring the reflections of our inner worlds through photography, and writing.

Mental Health and Gender Equality are two causes that drive my work.

I am interested in spiritual realms, moon cycles, tarot cards and all sorts of alternative medicine.

I am available for pretty much all sorts of creative endeavours with an emphasis on healing, self-care, love and poetry.

Welcome to my universe. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Any questions or thoughts : write to me .


Contact – zsvmart@gmail.com